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June 2009

Page Speed Home

by nhoizey
Page Speed is an open-source Firefox/Firebug Add-on. Webmasters and web developers can use Page Speed to evaluate the performance of their web pages and to get suggestions on how to improve them.

January 2009

Google va pénaliser les sites ayant des temps de chargement trop long

by nhoizey
Enfin quelque chose qui va permettre de justifier plus facilement de passer du temps sur l'optimisation des sites Web !

February 2008

October 2007

htaccess Caching

by nhoizey & 2 others
This article shows 2 awesome ways to implement caching on your website using Apache .htaccess (httpd.conf) files on the Apache Web Server. Both methods are extremely simple to set up and will dramatically speed up your site!

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