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A Coverup Under Two Presidents: The Unsolved Mystery of the Oklahoma City Bombing

by mikepower
Long before the Iraq war, long before 9/11, the U.S. government had already mastered the art of fluffing its intelligence on a looming threat, botching the response and then working furiously to cover its mistakes.

village voice > news > Mondo Washington by James Ridgeway

by mikepower
since 9-11, in one test after another, news organizations using undercover teams have easily broken through the FAA security apparatus, rendering the entire business unworkable.

Bush defended (see below) Letter to the Editor: Judge Bush on his results

by mikepower
George W. Bush has an undergraduate degree from Yale University, a graduate degree from Harvard, was two-term governor of our second-largest state and a two-term President of the United States. Mr Bush qualified to pilot a modern jet fighter... - Washington's Iraq Blindness

by mikepower
The Iraq that exists in President Bush’s imagination and the real Iraq, the one in which 160,000 U.S. troops occupy a nation sliding into civil war, have never seemed further apart.

Bloggerheads- Reactions to State Of The Union 2006

by mikepower
Reactions to Bush's State Of The Union 2006 Address from around the blogs

January 2006

The Village Voice: The Bush Beat

by mikepower
What are the odds? Paul Wolfowitz has tapped America's top gambling lobbyist's daughter — she was once a spear carrier for Wampumgate casino scandal figure Grover Norquist — to help 'probe' corruption at the World. Yeah, right!

Gore Vidal: President Jonah

by mikepower
We are assured daily by advertisers and/or politicians that we are the richest, most envied people on Earth and, apparently, that is why so many awful, ill-groomed people want to blow us up. Well, we still have Kraft cheese and... the death penalty.

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