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April 2007

hurling invective dot com

by timothymoriarty is a collection of opinions and stories. If were a movie, it would be rated R for strong language and sexual situations. From short stories to true stories, movie reviews to energy drink reviews, blistering and funny tirades to funny and blistering tirades... it will make you laugh.

February 2007

Smokin Aces with Jeremy Pivan and Ray Liotta

by artola20 & 9 others
Smokin Aces is an ensemble film of sorts- it contains a who’s who of A and B-list actors, but mostly B actors, or actors who used to be A at one point but then slipped to B

Blood Diamond with Leonardo Dicaprio

by artola20 & 12 others
Our fellow movie going friend informed us that his father had seen it and told him that we would be crazy if we didn't do the same

November 2006

January 2006

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