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December 2007

Firebug Lite

by jdrsantos & 6 others
Firebug is an extension for Firefox, but what happens when you need to test your pages in Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari? If you are using console.log() to write to Firebug's console, you'll wind up with JavaScript errors in these other browsers, an

July 2007

Ext JS - JavaScript Library

by parmentierf & 23 others
Build rich web applications that work across all major web browsers including: * Internet Explorer 6 * FireFox 1.5 (PC, Mac, *nix) * Safari 2 * Opera 9 (Mac, PC)

May 2007

January 2007

Prototype Window Class : Introduction

by parmentierf & 19 others (via)
This javascript class allows you to add window in a HTML page. This class is based on Prototype. The code is inspired by the powerful library. You can even use all effects to show and hide windows if you include effects.js file , but it's not mandatory. It has been tested on Safari, Camino, Firefox and IE6, Opera looks fine.

Guide to Deploying SVG with HTML » Something Witty Goes Here » Blog Archive

by parmentierf
This entry is to serve as a guide so people can learn from my experiences. It was originally published in Dec 2005, but I will continue to update it as more items occur to me. It was last updated in Jan 2007.

Wie geil Internet Explorer sein k?nnte

by bit2bit
Internet Explorer ist der meistgenutzte Browser und fast jeder hat schon mal mit IE zu tun gehabt. Diese Dominanz bedeutet auch, dass man sich als Webentwickler unbedingt mit IE beschäftigen muss ...

December 2006

Outils ressources ADSL

by meetic
outils pour une connexion internet optimal (test connection)

XmlSerializer and JavaScript []

by greut & 1 other
var serializer = new XMLSerializer(); alert(serializer.serializeToString(request.responseXML));

XmlSerializer and JavaScript []

by François Hodierne & 1 other
var serializer = new XMLSerializer(); alert(serializer.serializeToString(request.responseXML));

November 2006

Wikistuce : logiciels - une panoplie de navigateur

by srcmax & 3 others (via)
C’est dans cette optique là que j’ai regroupé des versions “portable” de plusieurs navigateurs. Grâce à l’archive ci-dessous, vous pourrez bénéficier des navigateurs suivant, sans installation :

ITmedia Biz.ID:Firefoxのブックマーク・キーワード活用法

by fox_b (via)

October 2006

Web Browser Standards Support

by clochix & 1 other
This document will summarize the level of support for web standards and maturing technologies in popular web browsers. It covers the Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera web browsers, with focus on the HTML, CSS, DOM, and ECMAScript technologies.

September 2006

pure C# 技術社群 - 遵循標準

by purecs
我計畫再過幾個月要買一台新的桌上型電腦,這台電腦要有最新最酷的硬體配備及超大容量的記憶體,這樣我用它來開發程式的時後就可以同時開起Vistal Studio、SQL2005還有VM而不會感到想抓狂,我會給它配上夠快的3D顯示卡,拿它來玩刺激的遊戲絕對是種享受,實在是太美妙啦。

August 2006 - voir son site sous Linux

by -Nicolas- & 17 others (via) vous propose d'effectuer en quelques secondes des captures d'écran de vos pages Web consultées sous Linux avec Firefox, Konqueror, Opera ou Dillo. Vous pouvez aussi vérifier l'affichage généré par les navigateurs en mode texte Lynx et Links.

July 2006

June 2006

Firefox Myths

by srcmax & 5 others
Firefox Myths - Myths Regarding The Firefox Web Browser

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