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Firefox's Plan to Kick the Login's Butt

by srcmax (via)

Identity will be one of the defining themes in the next five years of the Web. Nearly every site has a concept of a user account, registration, and identity. Searching for "sign in" on Google yields over 1.8 billion hits. And yet, the browser does nothing to make this experience better save for some basic auto form filling. The browser leaves websites to re-implement identity management, and forces users to learn a new scheme for every site... Your identity is too important to be owned by any one company.


The Undevelopment Blog » Identity Manager: A Browser-Based Solution to OpenID Phishing

by CharlesNepote
"It seems like the OpenID community is currently bothered with the following two questions: 1. OpenID facilitates phishing. What can be done about this? 2. FireFox 3.0 will have CardSpace and OpenID support. What does that mean?"

CardSpace et openID, les nouveaux systèmes de mots de passe

by CharlesNepote
"Microsoft a annoncé son intention de prendre en compte le système openID pour compléter son service d'authentification CardSpace. Les deux services sont similaires et vont donc se populariser auprès des internautes".


by CharlesNepote & 4 others
"Forget your passwords! Sxipper Screenshot Webware 100 Finalist! We're Hiring! Sxipper is a free add-on for Firefox that lets you log into any website with a single click. Sxipper saves you time by keeping track of an unlimited number of usernames and passwords as well as the personal data you share every day over the web. Sxipper improves your security by creating strong passwords when registering and then storing them and your personal data securely in an encrypted store on your computer".

Planned features for Firefox 3 : Mozilla Links

by CharlesNepote & 1 other
In today’s Firefox 3 (code name Gran Paradiso) meeting, developers released a preliminary list of requirements for Firefox 3. The new target release date is sometime in the third quarter this year.

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