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Fluke: iFLAC your Mac

by jpcaruana & 1 other (via)
Fluke is a small Mac OS X utility that lets you listen to your FLAC files right within iTunes without needing to convert anything. Simply feed your FLAC’s into it and watch the magic happen!


Welcome to Romeo

by jpcaruana & 2 others (via)
Romeo gives you remote control of your mac via Bluetooth and a compatible mobile device, controlling programs such as iTunes and DVD Player, as well as presentation applications. Use your mobile as a mouse, as a volume control, or as a method of telling your mac when you're there. If you want to add support for another application, use the built in editor - and share your new plugin with the mac community!

iTunes Remote Control

by jpcaruana & 1 other
iTunes Remote Control (iTRC) is a network remote control for iTunes. It allows you to control iTunes on a remote machine with full track changing support and basic but functional playlist support. All you need to do it enable Remote Apple Events on the computer with iTunes on it and remember its network name.


Jay Tuley's Website: Software

by jpcaruana (via)
Uses MusicBrainz ( to fix your mp3 and aac tags in iTunes after they've been ripped using acoustic matchings.

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