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February 2007

Cutting Opal

by wheeler
Comprehensive range of posts detailing the art of cutting opal. Loads of info about cutting opal equipment!

April 2006

Victoria Lansford

by chall1600
A master of Bronze Age gold and silversmithing techniques, Victoria Lansford creates one-of-a-kind wearable pieces of art and art objects that recall the mystery and splendor of the ancient world, yet bring forth her own provocative vision.

Dangers of Opal Mining Forum

by wheeler (via)
Australian opal miners speak out about the dangers in their everyday work.

Opal Auctions - Huge auction site for opals, gemstone and jewelry

by wheeler
13,000+ opals, gemstones & jewelry direct from 20+ verified miners and wholesalers. 5000+ black opals, as well as other major opal types. Also NR$1 and $5 auctions. Biggest independant collection of Australian opal on the web. FREE REGISTRATION.

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