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Trains of Data: Visualizing France's High Speed Railway Network - information aesthetics

by night.kame & 1 other

I don't want to "download high-res images", or watch videos of the application in action accompanied by some random elevator music; I want to play around with myself and explore the data. A good example of how this can be achieved in an interactive and user-enganging fashion is , which uses timetable and delay data for the German long-distance railway network. It would have been cool if Trains of Data was as open as well.

A la SNCF, on aime montrer qu'on est capable d'avoir des données sur les trains (bon, après on se demande à quoi elles servent vraiment), mais quand il s'agit de les exposer : biip biiip biip, allô ?




PNG transparency test

by Ganf & 1 other (via)
Tests de transparence/opacité PNG

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