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pOWL - Semantic Web Development Plattform

by clochix & 1 other
The aim of the pOWL project is thus to deliver a PHP and web-based ontology edititing and management solution to the OpenSoure community.

Metatomix Semantic Toolkit : OWL and RDF plugins for Eclipse

by clochix
The Metatomix Semantic Toolkit is a set of Eclipse plugins to allow developers to create and manage ontologies based on the OWL and RDF standards.


NBS: Metadata Glossary

by fastclemmy & 3 others (via)
In an attempt to summarize the relationship among various metadata formats and how they relate to building Internet systems I wrote a glossary. I then ordered and tied the terms together with a bit of narrative to explain the relationships among the terms

ontology generator

by digitalmonkey
"upload, paste the contents or enter the url of an rdf/xml document into the following form and an ontology containing your classes and properties with their domains and ranges will be generated".

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