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05 March 2006


by ycc2106
Bookmarks: Save a website to any keyword.

Nuvvo Free On-demand eLearning

by ycc2106 & 14 others
Nuvvo is your way to teach on the web. Sign up and build a course in minutes; advertise your course on our eLearning Market to get the word out.

Flagr :: Sharewhere.

by ycc2106 & 12 others
Share your favorite places: Bookmark the Real World, Add Pictures and Invite Your Friends!

Wufoo · Making forms easy fast fun.

by parnold50 & 45 others (via)
web-based tool to help you build and host amazing online forms.

Wufoo · Making forms easy fast fun.

by ycc2106 & 45 others
web-based tool to help you build and host amazing online forms.

Comics @ Mai'Nada.Net - Sketch your imagination

by ycc2106 & 1 other
Comics @ Mainada is probably the first web application in the world to allow users to draw complete comic strips directly online. It uses open laszlo and was created on ruby on rails: two great open source projects.

04 March 2006

Welcome to Numbler

by ycc2106 & 18 others
the web based spreadsheet that enables instantaneous collaboration with anyone on your project team. With Numbler multiple users can work with a spreadsheet, view changes in real time, and discuss changes.

03 March 2006

mobileGlu | your mobile glue

by ycc2106 & 6 others
mobileGlu brings together your life online into one place on your mobile: * mobileGlu will pull the data from your life online and optimise it for your mobile device automatically * mobileGlu will allow you to post to your online services from your mobile * mobileGlu currently supports, Flickr, moblogUK,, and RSS feeds with more being added as time goes on * If you are a developer, then drop us a line, and we can mobilise your existing services for you, letting you worry about your online application, and letting us worry about putting your app on the mobile

by ycc2106
Sign up to be notified when ouioo goes live.


by ycc2106 & 10 others
Fast. Simple. Intuitive. Sharpcast Photos brings your computer, your mobile phone and the web into perfect harmony so you can see and manage your entire photo collection from anywhere, at any time with the rich, intuitive view you're used to on the desktop. Full of one-of-a-kind features like instantaneous backup of mobile phone pictures, speedy catalog recovery and other completely worry-free photo features that only Sharpcast delivers, Sharpcast Photos equals simplicity.


by ycc2106 & 21 others
Spotback is currently open for private beta users only. If you would like to be notified when Spotback becomes available, please leave your email and we will contact you. Thank you.


by ycc2106 & 3 others
Sign up for swapzies and have one repository for all your digital files. You can share files, play them online and upload and download to your heart`s content. You can create an online profile, send messages between users and meet cool people! You can even link directly to your existing blog or homepage.


by ycc2106
??? Just Says: watch this space

Signup for Beta

by ycc2106 & 1 other
Confess - Share - Forgive Wanna join the beta ?

Cingo - Where Families Click.

by ycc2106
From the clean, uncluttered home page to feature-rich sections such as News, Movie Listings, and Shared Calendar and To-Do Lists, Cingo helps your family to easily stay connected online. And best of all, Cingo is free!

Zoho Sheet - Online Spreadsheet

by ycc2106
Zoho Sheet helps you to create and share spreadsheets online. For a sneak peek, provide your email id below and we will send you an invitation.

01 March 2006

It's My Fault

by ycc2106
Did you ever want to apologize to someone, but not let that person know it was you? Have you ever wanted to gripe about someone, but do it anonymously? Now you can send anonymous apologies and anonymous complaints with and

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