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June 2006 - maps for the masses

by rsegoly & 19 others
quickmap service, generate map by drwaing


by jackiege & 5 others (via)

Google released new version of Picasa with Web album and geotagging

by rsegoly & 2 others
Google released new version (Beta) of Picasa to manage desktop pics, and features like upload to web album, share and geotag on Google Earth. Honestly,I start feeling uncomfortable with Google pushing so many new services, not compatible with what we a

google spreadsheets

by monjeje & 11 others
구글에서 베타테스트중인 스프레드시트 서비스

May 2006

Indeed | one search. all jobs.

by slogoo & 33 others
在GoogleTalk将'IndeedJobs"加为好友, 用'hello"问个好, Gtalk就带你进入一个很友好的界面, 即Indeed的工作搜索引擎. 不错的工具.


by slogoo & 8 others
GookBox存储音乐到Gmail邮箱, 并直接在POP3邮箱中播放.

PreFound - search what people have already found

by slogoo & 3 others

*** Google Notebook ***

by cascamorto & 15 others (via)
With Google Notebook, you can browse, clip, and organize information from across the web in a single online location that's accessible from any computer. Planning a trip? Researching a product? Just add clippings to your notebook. You don't ever have to leave your browser window.

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