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July 2009

Red Remover

by smartkit
Can you remove the red shapes without the green ones falling in this new online puzzle from Smartkit!

April 2009

Numerical Enigma | Smartkit Puzzles and Brain Teasers

by smartkit
Can you decipher the code and figure out who Smartkit is talking about in their new online game Baby Enigma?


by smartkit
Manipulate the perspective to solve the challenge on the new online game from Smartkit

Strimko set#3

by smartkit
Smartkit releases new online puzzle, Strimko #3

March 2009

SmileyGirl Puzzle Contest

by smartkit
Play Smartkit’s new online game Smiley Girl, the sequel to the original Smiley Puzzle. Match the smiley faces to win points and move to the next level.

February 2009

Cryptogram #2

by smartkit
Can you decode the message in Smatkit's new online puzzle?

Strimko Set#2

by smartkit
Play Smartkit's new online puzzle Strimko2. Can you fill in the grid so that each row and column has a different number?

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