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Luxury holidays

Luxury holidays to Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, India, Indian Ocean, the Middle East and Latin America using incomparable global expertise and local knowledge'



Google Ocean : marine data for Google Maps / Google Earth

by Yann_L (via)
Données maritimes visualisables dans GoogleEarth : - Cables sous-marins, epaves, photos du littoral, cartes raster, etc

Engineers Beneficial Association

by galin & 1 other, 1 comment
The National Marine Engineers Beneficial Association not only fights for the health, safety, and rights of maritime workers, but also provides valuable training for career advancement and more favorable positions. With its headquarters located in Easton , Maryland , the Marine Engineers Beneficial Association offers a state-of-the art training facility, complete with simulators and a liquid natural gas (LNG) training module. MEBA has been supplying the industry with LNG qualified workers for over 20 years. It is the Marine Engineers Beneficial Association's objective to provide these workers to both American and non-American flag registered trade. Whether a Merchant Marine or not, all maritime workers are invited to join MEBA. In addition to the training and educational opportunities, the Marine Engineers Beneficial Association also offers health benefits and retirement savings programs. The organization also provides a recognized voice in legislature that affects the future of the maritime industry and its workers. To find out more about MEBA and becoming a member, log onto It's amazing to see how far the trade has come.

Le Peuple des Dunes

by Yann_L & 1 other, 1 comment (via)
L’extraction du sable marin dans la baie de quiberon et de Gâvres.

Rade Environnement - L'association

by Yann_L (via)
Rade Environnement a pour but de défendre et de promouvoir la qualité du cadre de vie des habitants du pays de Lorient en matière de santé, de sécurité et d’environnement. Elle porte une attention particulière aux risques et nuisances de toutes natures liés aux activités de la zone portuaire de Lorient. L'association est laïque, apolitique et totalement indépendante de tout mouvement politique ou autre.

Juergen Freund Photography - Split Level images

by nhoizey (via)
One of Jürgens favourite ways to shoot the marine habitat is half over, half under - or split level photography. This is a wild selection of images from all over the world showing two sides of the Oceans.


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