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Gizzi's Coffee - Greenwich Village - New York, NY

by democrattotheend
For just over $7, you get two absolutely enormous wedges of chicken salad, a hefty dose of dried sprinkled basil, and fresh slices of tomato, all on huge slices of crusty focaccia. I was full after my first sandwich half. And I'll admit it, I was kind of uncomfortably stuffed after the second. I'm surprised I managed to score one of them, but the two cushy seats way in the back by the TV grant ready access to power outlets, and it's just plain fun to sink into their squishy embrace. If you don't mind getting a little messy while you eat, and you aren't an ergonomic posture Nazi, they're arguably the best seats in the house.

MaximoPino Cafe - Greenwich Village - Manhattan, NY

by democrattotheend
Oh the gelato! thank you for FINALLY providing me with some gelato which makes me think I'm back in Italy. I haven't been in while so I cant be sure that my memory of what I ate when I was there is completely accurate. But the stuff here and the variety of flavors is the closest I have tasted and entirely satisfying. My one complaint on this would be sometimes I just want a little of one flavor... they could probably do well with a smaller "small" which only has one flavor instead of what they have now which is like a 6 oz cup that comes with two flavors. The next and only size up comes with three flavors. I wonder when, if ever, they will start providing pints.... About the atmosphere: yes its a bit sterile. It could be half the size and still an effective efficient Italian bistro, gelato bar. But at least you know there will be a place for you to sit when you get there. AND in the back there are comfy chairs. YES!

Gizzi's Coffee - Greenwich Village - New York, NY

by democrattotheend
I am endlessly on a quest to find a coffee shop that isn't packed with people I know/hate/more specifically avoid/make fun of and I found Gizzi's!! WHOOOO SOOOOOOOO it was super quaint and quiet, and it was really warm and a terrific place to study. There is a cool variety of people, so don't feel as if you don't fit in if you're not cool and hip like me (yeah ok).



by SpiceLMF
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