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Lasik Ny

by bl5189e0
Reviews and recent news. Information on lasik ny.

Coconut Dreams Productions

by smvisuals
Talent Agency representing the best of the best!

Tiny Vices

by smvisuals & 3 others
online gallery of photography and art curated by Tim Barber. Stunning work.

Robin Cameron Portfolio

by smvisuals
artwork and illustration by NY based artist/designer Robin Cameron


Todd P - NYC

by calang & 1 other
Best thrower of no-bullshit far-flung indie-rock shows !! Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Arthur Russell, "First Thought Best Thought"

by dfracheb
Yet another posthumous Arthur Russell release from Audika, this two-disc set collects rare and unreleased orchestral material by the late NYC artist. Because the material presented here is, at least ostensibly, the most "avant-garde" in form and content yet released from the Russell archives, I expected the music to be difficult, abstract and academic. However, nothing could be further from the truth, as Russell again utilizes avant-garde techniques only as a method of approaching popular music obliquely, creating music that is as ingratiating as it is unique.

Shpongle floating down the stream

by alchemism
Review of the Shpongle boat party on the Hudson River, in New York City.

Brickshelf Gallery

by fastclemmy
New York en Lego, ça claque !

Real Estate in Westchester County

by rydove
Find real estate assistance for property purchases in the Westchester County area. Get the help you need in finding the home of your dreams.