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You take the story and you put it in the economic simulator | Gaslamp Games

by sylvainulg (via)
The storied history of economics games is littered with games that tried to make their agents interesting and the players weren’t motivated to let them be interesting.


Cubix Studio

by nachilau
Contains NPC animation pack to buy.

Game/AI: AI Planning for games and characters CFP

by bcpbcp (via)
However though AI Planning has much to contribute to both these fields, particularly in producing more convincing Non-Player Characters and autonomous intelligent characters, few AI planning researchers have been involved in this work, and the technology, where applied at all, has often been used in a somewhat ad hoc way. In addition, games company use of AI planning has so far been limited - A*-based motion planning the main exception - with practitioners feeling that the technology is too computationally expensive or risky for integration into computer games.

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