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Facebook | Making Facebook Accessible for Everyone

by naudjf
Carl Augusto is the President and CEO of the American Foundation for the Blind, a U.S.-based non-profit organization that expands possibilities for people with vision loss...

Connecting Those Who Need It Most |

by ycc2106 & 3 others
Inveneo creates highly sustainable and affordable ICT infrastructure technologies designed specifically for organizations that provide vital services -- education, healthcare, economic development -- in remote and rural areas in the developing world. read more »



Pew Internet & American Life Project

by kathleen_vincent & 1 other
The Pew Internet & American Life Project produces reports that explore the impact of the internet on families, communities, work and home, daily life, education, health care, and civic and political life. The Project aims to be an authoritative source on the evolution of the internet through collection of data and analysis of real-world developments as they affect the virtual world.

Jikolp Now Donating 100% of Profit to Charity

by Brian_Corrigan
Jikolp is now donating 100% of all profit to charity.

Yayasan Nurhikmah

by musunlimited
Badan kebajikan rumah anak yatim

Top 10 Movies With a Social Message

by Brian_Corrigan
The recent Oscar excitement has inspired the team to produce our list of the “Top 10 Movies With a Social Message”. Without any further adieu here is our list! Browser Search Plugins Now Available

by Brian_Corrigan is a Google powered search engine which donates 50% of all revenue generated to charity. You can now add to the search bar in your Firefox 2.0 or Internet Explorer 7.0 browser, which makes it even easier to suppot charity just by searching the web.


Digital Universe Foundation

by jasonbentley
The mission of the Digital Universe is ambitious and never–ending: to organize and contextualize the sum total of human knowledge and make it available to everyone online. It is a growing network of commercial–free portals mapping the highest–qualit

ProLiteracy Worldwide - International Programs

by xenomorph
In 57 countries around the world, thousands of adult learners are improving conditions for their families and their communities through ProLiteracy Worldwide's global network of 111 grass roots partner programs. In partnership with these programs, ProLiteracy uses its unique methodology to provide training, technical assistance, and targeted local grants to support communities in the creation of tailored programs that combine literacy with economic self-reliance, health, education, peace, human rights, and environmental sustainability projects.



by maddi
Ogni persona vive grazie ai servizi offerti da 1.500 mq di foresta tropicale. Ognuno dovrebbe comprare la sua quota...


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