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05 November 2005

Nokia CEO Predicts Smartphone Market Growth

by teleclick
Nokia CEO, Jorma Ollila has made a prediction that the market for smartphones will double over the next year.

03 November 2005

Nokia Blurs the Lines of Multimedia and Communication

by teleclick
The world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, is about to launch a new line of multimedia handsets that clearly aim to combine communication with information technology, and consumer electronics with broadcasting.

29 October 2005

Nokia Announces Latest Mid-Price CDMA Handsets

by teleclick
In addition to its two latest low-cost cell phones, primarily targeted towards emerging markets, Nokia has also released two new mid-range CDMA handsets.

27 October 2005

Nokia Targets New Phones to Emerging Markets

by teleclick
This Wednesday saw the release of four new Nokia handsets, two of which will be targeted at emerging markets, including Latin America, and parts of Asia.

19 October 2005

Nokia vs. RIM: May the Best Company Win

by teleclick
It appears that Nokia’s recently announced E Series of mobile phones will soon be in direct competition with RIM’s BlackBerry line of cellular PDAs.

14 October 2005

Nokia Introduces Enterprise-Level Smartphones

by teleclick
As of this Wednesday, Nokia has introduced a new line of mobile smartphones, which are primarily targeted at enterprise-level IT departments, and will become available by early 2006.

13 October 2005

Nokia and Ericsson to Use Lower GSM Frequencies

by teleclick
Mobile giants, Ericsson and Nokia have both announced plans to begin using the 450MHz radio spectrum to operate their GSM networks.

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