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January 2010

Modal Nodereference |

by claire_
This module turns the nodereference widget into a modal popup allowing new linked nodes to be created on the fly

July 2009

Referential Integrity for CCK |

by claire_
This module provides a method to enforce referential integrity rules for CCK user and node reference fields. In other words, it allows you to decide what to do with reference values when a referenced entity (node or user) is deleted.

October 2008

CCK Node Reference ASM Select |

by claire_
This module adds a new CCK Node Reference widget option (in addition to the default Select and Auto Complete widget) which seamlessly integrates ASM Select support into all Drupal forms. This allows users to control the order (Delta field) of a Multi-select Node Reference field

July 2008

France24 releases nodeselect code! | LAB France24

by claire_
Improve the nodereference CCK fields. The module runs a quick search engine. The user can filter node by title, creation date, status. They can drag and drop the node into a nodereference field and change the order of the field.

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