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Bilou HomeBrew's Blog: dsnews

by sylvainulg
"news" from homebrews on the Nintendo DS system (as i discover them).


Drunken Coders

by sylvainulg & 1 other
Homebrew pour DS : articles, tutoriels, news, etc. Nintendo DS homebrew : news, tutorials, etc.


Nintendo DS Projects

by sylvainulg
a library to send debugging messages over wifi ?

NDSTech Wiki

by sylvainulg
Technical documentation about the DS hardware plus links to the libnds function using stuffs. Even covers touch screen and 3D stuff ...

ready to run homebrew DS ?

by sylvainulg
lists extra hardware you might need to run homebrew DS games/apps/media players and the like

FatBits: John Siracusa's Journal: Waiting for the handheld revolution

by markpasc
"Realization number one: the negative space created by a human hand gripping something is ugly."

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