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Nintendo Wii Games and Stuff at RedGage

by cryogenius (via)
My collection of games for the Wii has been steadily growing, and Ive written these reviews of a few of my favourites for you to enjoy.

The Top Wii Games

by cryogenius (via)
The Nintendo Wii has set the standards of modern console gaming. Almost two years after its launch and the console still continues to excite children and adults alike. The games for the Wii have been improving over this time too, and there are some really top games out at the moment.



Nintendo Wii: The Best Console Ever

by cryogenius
Nintendo's Wii console is designed to attract people, regardless of their age or video game experience, to sit down and play together.

Top 10 Console Games For Teens

by cryogenius (via)
Many teens and parents of teenagers wonder which Xbox games they should purchase. Below is a list and summary of ten of the most popular Xbox 360 games for teens.

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