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Nintendo Wii - Games and Accessories

by cryogenius (via)
The Nintendo Wii is the most popular games console for families. The Wii has motion-sensing controllers are intuitive and easy to use. It is popular with both young children and adults alike, with some of the games getting you up and being more active.

The Top Wii Games

by cryogenius (via)
The Nintendo Wii has set the standards of modern console gaming. Almost two years after its launch and the console still continues to excite children and adults alike. The games for the Wii have been improving over this time too, and there are some really top games out at the moment.


40 Best Games for the Wii

by cryogenius (via)
Ultimate list of the 40 games for Wii that were made for Wii. I may have to add on to a part two as more great games come along. So, you have a Nintendo Wii and your thinking, ok, I got a Wii and I'm getting bored with Wii Sports, but I love playing the Wii...


Nintendo Wii: The Best Console Ever

by cryogenius
Nintendo's Wii console is designed to attract people, regardless of their age or video game experience, to sit down and play together.

Nintendo Wii Game Cheats

by Dimma
Previously codenamed as Revolution, Nintendo Wii has taken the world of consoles by storm because of its popular games—and the accessibility of gaming cheats

How to Connect Your Wii to the Internet

by Dimma
The unit can connect to the Internet by utilizing its 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, which is built in, for wireless connections or via a USB-to-Ethernet adaptor for DSL connections.

Virtual Console Mondays

by chrispen
Weekly updates about newly released Nintendo Wii Virtual Console games. Updates include a description of the game, cost, and which controllers can be used. Video demos of the games in action will soon be added.



by PPL
Un blog dédié à la nouvelle console de jeux Nintendo: la Wii.


by Fluctuat
Toute l'actu de la Wii : Wii will wii will rock you !

CQFD - Non Wii

by nhoizey
Sagesse de g33k : "[...] la PS3, c’est cher, ça te rend malade, tu t’empiffres, t’es gros, tu deviens moche, t’as pas de gonzesse, et tu es à la limite de l’impuissance. La wii, c’est pas cher, c’est un petit plaisir que tu gères, t’as pas l’air d’un gros porc à la consommer, tu deviens beau et athlétique, les jeux te rendent plus perspicace qu’un prix Nobel, tu te tapes des beautés et enfin ton pénis s’agrandit."

Acheter Wii

by Tractopelle & 1 other
Evitez les files d'attente en magasin, et commandez votre Wii en ligne. Console Wii, jeux wii, manettes, nunchuk et accessoires.

Tentative Wii launch date October 18 2006

by kramkoob
Taken from a game retailer database: October 11th 2006: (available one week before launch?) Chicken Little: Ace in Action (Ubisoft) Metal Slug Anthology (SNK) October 18th 2006: (original US NES launch day) SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab Avatar: The Last Airbender (these last two from THQ)

The Next Leap in Video Games Made by Nintendo

by Antauri
Like all big names, Nintendo started small. In 1889, Fusajiro Yamauchi, the great grandfather of today’s Nintendo president, founded Nintendo Koppai, to sell his special playing cards called "Hanafunda". Starting from 1969, Nintendo Co. Ltd., under the rule of the current president, began to produce toys and games. As the years passed, Nintendo grew bigger and bigger. Also, it started developing different games and platforms for them to run on. Some of these are the Game Boy, Nintendo 64, Visual Boy, Super Game Boy, Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Pokemon and many others. Now that video games look more real, Nintendo wants to make them feel as real. In order to do so, Nintendo unveiled the next leap in video games with its upcoming Wii home console. This new console will allow users to manipulate the actions of the video game character.

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