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March 2013

Points for MSZ/NPS TV Championship after Week 2

by tyteu
Mother Nature gives us the break to get Race 2 of the TV Championship complete!

Introducing A New Article Design —

by sbrothier
The New York Times is redesigning its Web site — starting with the article experience. See what’s different, and request access at the bottom of the page.

Fukushima : A Nuclear War without a War

by tyteu
The Unspoken Crisis of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation |

Remember, Facebook isn’t a platform for you to use — you are a platform for Facebook to use — Tech News and Analysis

by gregg
Facebook has come under fire from those who say the network is turning down the volume on their posts, but the bottom line is that the network can — and will — do whatever it wants with the algorithms controlling its news feed.


by gregg
OpenWatch is a revolutionary new investigative network. In an effort to build a radically transparent society, we're providing powerful free tools for investigating important issues.

February 2013

Réunionnaise et supportrice de Barack Obama

by tyteu
Supportrice de Barack Obama de la première heure, Nadia Payet est ingénieure informatique chez Google à Seattle. Cette Saint-Andréenne de 30 ans porte un regard reconnaissant mais lucide sur son pays d’adoption.

Google News: The Secret Sauce | Monday Note

by gregg
A closer look at Google’s patent for its news retrieval algorithm reveals a greater than expected emphasis on quality over quanti

January 2013

Investigating Investigative Journalism - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 01/14/13 - Video Clip | Comedy Central

by sbrothier
Investigating Investigative Journalism John Oliver discovers that pretend news is the media world's sole remaining home for intrepid investigative journalists.

December 2012

Paris | Evening Edition

by gregg
Une façon simple et rapide de rester informé après une longue journée de travail. Créé pour vous par Mule Design.


by gregg
The Day's Most Fascinating News by Dave Pell Tous les jours, un journaliste compile 10 infos, pour consultation par newsletter, iPad ou iPhone.

Vox Media

by sbrothier
Talented voices, passionate audiences.

Syria News | Covering the Crisis

by gregg
Syria Deeply is an independent digital media project led by journalists and technologists, exploring a new model of storytelling around a global crisis. Our goal is to build a better user experience of the story by adding context to content, using the latest digital tools of the day. Over time the hope is to add greater clarity, deeper understanding, and more sustained engagement to the global conversation.


by sbrothier & 1 other
MATTER is the new home for in-depth, independent journalism about the ideas that are shaping our future. Our stories range across the fields of technology, medicine, the environment and science, as well as the social and cultural worlds that surround these subjects. That means we'll cover everything from corporate misdeeds and untold environmental scandals to radical new scientific ideas and the people behind them.