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December 2013

November 2013

Update #67: What's in a Game? - Project Eternity: Announcements and News - Obsidian Forum Community

by sylvainulg (via)
As a producer, one of my jobs is creating and understanding the game's master schedule. It's a never-ending task that requires constant refinement and adjustment. Anything that is added or changed can cause a cascade of unintended consequences which is why as game developers we have a responsibility to vet everything that goes into the game.

Genèse des musiques d’Amérique latine

by toki
dernier essai par l'anthropologue de l'amérique latine Carmen Bernand

Wow : 7 Days in Gold Making

by tyteu
High level cloth -> High level essences

October 2013

Football - Paris prend le pouvoir

by gregg
Le format "Clichés de campagne" par l'Equipe

9 tools for journalists to produce immersive stories | Media news |

by gregg
A collection of platforms which are centred on making text, images and video more visually captivating, interactive and immersive


by tyteu & 1 other
forum jeu à découvrir

bookmarks de l'université Paris Descartes

by toki & 1 other
tous les sujets des carnets de l'université Paris 5

September 2013

guild wars 2 gold runes

by tyteu
Runes are symbols that both use to see the prospective for themselves as fortunate as to head fated outcomes for ourselves. You can use character symbols in numerous forms of performance and it can be a effective constituent to the illusion that you may already be doing. You can do numerous things with runes and with what they colligate.

Korea Anti Canal Movement

by tyteu
Is the maintenance project forming artificial rivers through construction of more than 20 dams and dredging works of 570 million ㎥ in the 4 major natural rivers of 1,200km a solution of climate change?

August 2013

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