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May 2007

February 2007

Iraqi Violence Forcing Out Churches

by JomeiKujo & 1 other
Saddam Husseins execution has led to increased anger demonstrations and violence in Iraq fueling a source for the departure of churches in the country Sunni Muslims in Iraq demonstrated in the thousands against the manner of Saddams execution calling it an act of crude vengeance reported ABC News this week

December 2006

The Sense of Smell and Emotional Response

by mikatauno
Smell is a specialised chemical sense. It is interesting to note that the olfactory cells are the only place in the human body where the central nervous system is in direct contact with the external environment.

Medal of Honor Frontline Review

by mikatauno
Frontline teaches you how to swim by throwing you off the boat, literally. The very first mission of the game is the storming of the beach at Normandy, the D-Day battle made infamous most recently by its grisly depiction in Steven Spielberg's film Saving Private Ryan.

October 2006

Intercontinental Cry

by Benin
A forum and resource that focuses (mainly) on Indigenous Issues.

June 2006

May 2006 Librarian RSS Feeds Aggregator

by ycc2106 & 1 other is a project created and maintained by Blake Carver & Steven M. Cohen. Blake does most of the programming and Steven does most of the feed maintenance and updates. LISFeeds is a server-side RSS/Atom/XML/Etc... aggregator that scrapes feeds fr

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