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Daves Daily

by saltyfish & 2 others
Funny News, Strange and Bizarre Pictures

Twitter has the online world talking

by springnet
What's Paul Terry Walhus Twittering about today? The information technology manager for Jo's Hot Coffee and the Hotel San Jose is "walking around testing various wifi locations on S Congress, Austin L:78704," last we checked. Before that, he was "at hom

The 31st of March international top DJ's Ferry Corsten, David Guetta and Markus Schulz will visit the Sportpaleis in Antwerp.

by pokabudki
Ferry Corsten "Create your own path, be yourself, and strive to make a difference" is Ferry Corsten's philosophy and so far it has always proved the born and bred Rotterdammer right. Having worked in the music industry for over 17 years, Dutch Ferry Corsten has earned the respect from fellow Dance Music Producers, DJs and fans all over the world for his commitment to bringing quality music through his signature electronic dance music productions and numerous DJ sets worldwide. Since his first single release in 1989, Ferry has produced innumerable dance singles (under countless aliases), remixes and 8 artist albums to date. Dedicated to his craft, he is a master at engineering and producing all of his singles, artist albums and compilations. David Guetta David Guetta - the pioneer of French house with Up & Way, a garage-style track with vocals by Robert Owens released in 1992 - really made a name for himself in the mid-90s as one of the key catalysts of Parisian nightlife by promoting evenings at such renowned Paris hot spots as Folies Pigalle, Queen, Bataclan, Palace and Les Bains, where he invited DJ legends like Little Louie Vega, David Morales, DJ Pierre and Roger Sanchez to join him on the turntables. In 2001, however, he went back to his first love: making music.

Home to the Future Time Warner Exhibit

by amanda23 & 10 others
On January 16, 2007 the stars showed up for the Kick Off Party for the "Home to the Future" Exhibit hosted by Legendary Crooner Tony Bennett at the Time Warner Center - The Entertainment Destination

by Squints
Updated daily with the latest entertainment news, photos, videos, reviews, info and much more. Millions of topics and over 100,000 pictures.



by bjm
Site dedicated to news and information about Ashlee Simpson using ajax scrolling news


by bjm & 1 other
Site dedicated to Angelina Jolie using ajax scrolling news


by bjm, a web site dedicated to news and information about 50 cent

BBC News: Row over Bush TV 'assassination'

by 2tonechaos
People angry about a show in England that uses CGI and actual footage as well as actors to simulate George W. Bush being assassinated in 2007 as a result of his War on Terror policies.

[BBC] Protests over Survivor 'tribes'

by ravi
Hispanics Across America founder Fernando Mateo called the move an "offensive and cheap trick" to boost ratings. "The participants will be held to the daunting and unfair challenge of representing an entire race of people," he said. "What will it mean for a team - a race - to fail in a battle of wits and strength against another race?"

Choose And Watch Internet TV Channels - for free

by lolototto & 4 others
Watch on ChooseAndWatch only the best online News, Entertainment, Sports, Music, Information, Adult... TV channels - for free! Simply choose a channel and watch it.

Entertainment for Windows Mobile devices

by apotek (via)
Enjoy thousands of mobile media channels: Blogs, News, Radio, Music and Video Podcasts on your Windows Mobile device. Hubdog combines a streamlined RSS reader/aggregator, podcast player, a unique search engine, and channels that can be shared among community members and synced with Internet Explorer and Firefox desktop web browsers. Play, find, share, publish, discover, and enjoy fresh infotainment & entertainment content across unlimited media channels accessible wherever you go either online or offline ! Don't Invent - Review

by nethelpers
Quality reviews and news about everything that goes on the Internet with topics like communities, entertainment, marketing, the blogosphere, web 2.0 and just about everything else.

Porn TV Online FREE! Lots of music and videos too

by macmantv & 1 other
9 Porn Channels Free in the adult section showing 24/7 Including Playboy and Spice!!! Free Internet TV and Videos. More than 100 Channels including Movies, Sport, Comedy and Uncensored Music. And thousands of vidoes from ABBA to ZZ Top and everything else in between. Brighten up your day with

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