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The Relegence Corporation is the premier global technology company putting real time information, news and knowledge in the hands of end users less than a second after it is published. Relegence sells subscription-based services that offer real-time discovery, notification and delivery of information, connecting customers to cross-media content as it is generated from anywhere across the globe. Using proprietary technology, Relegence simultaneously monitors, indexes, and filters tens of thousands of live content streams - local and international newswires, television and cable networks such as CNBC, regulatory feeds such as EDGAR and RNS, corporate and information web sites, bulletin boards - and puts on a user's desktop only the information which is relevant to his or her individual search criteria. Additionally, Relegence can integrate all of a corporation's internal content streams, such as research, with external content and create a powerful tool for corporations and their employees to manage and utilize mission-critical information in their day-to-day activities and enable them to make more timely, accurate business decisions.

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