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May 2006 - digg / slashdot / popular

by slogoo & 44 others
Digg, slashdot, 和 ,几乎成为用户固定访问的网站。因此,diggdot.us将这三个网站进行了整合。站点用TurboGears来建设,不再用PHP。


by slogoo & 4 others
Inform1. 网站不再使用pop-up, 使界面很清爽, 2. 新增了视频和音频的内容 3. 新增了"Top Channel"功能, 允许对新闻进行深层挖掘 | home

by slogoo & 5 others
RssHut来自各个资讯站点的RSS feeds集萃, 设计有特别的会员区域, 方便用户阅读,管理和添加喜好的feeds.

Spotback - Home

by slogoo & 21 others
有点结合了 digg 和 newsvine 的感觉,看起来相当不错,界面色调清新,Ajax应用使得浏览异常便捷。网站本身提供信息分类,用户可以还可以进一步自定义

April 2006

myFeedz - the social newspaper

by ycc2106 & 1 other
RSS: It keeps an eye on topics you are interested in and also suggests fresh content based on your reading habits.

Rocketinfo - The RSS Search Company

by ycc2106
RSS search engine with date, audio and news support and RSS reader service | popular urls to the latest web buzz

by metropol & 103 others
It aggregates the most popular links on digg,, TailTank, YouTube and top news sites too.

March 2006

Rasasa | Rasasa

by ycc2106 & 3 others
Rasasa will keep you in touch with your favorite news sources, you probably know by now that RSS feeds are really handy and keep you up to date on all kind of things. Rasasa helps you to keep track of all this news. It will deliver the news to your messenger if you're online and to your mobile phone if you're offline... Or to your email box if you're in a 'quiet time'.


by rickdog & 2 others
un:rd pw:drib Memigo recommends news articles you will be interested in based on your ratings and those of other users that are similar to you. memigo is an automated, collaborative weblog

February 2006