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Garmin s nuviphone brings the smartphone to GPS

by chernobylnews
The iPhone may have Google Maps, but it doesn t rely on real GP� it approximates your location using cell phone towers. And while there are smartphones with GPS out there, none contains a fully-featured GPS device.



Sites 2 Regg

by kkrizka
A website that synchronizes latest postings from digg and reddit and shows the differences between them. People then can submit missing links to the other news source.

What Al Gore’s Movie Says Isn’t News

by jasontromm
How important is global warming in Maine? Not important enough for local television. Michael Palmer, the general manager of television stations WVII and WFVX, ABC and Fox affiliates in Bangor, has told his joint staff of nine men and women that when “Bar Harbor is underwater, then we can do global warming stories.”

Streisand fans tell the star to shut up and sing

by jasontromm
Some of Barbra Streisand's fans have some advice for the diva as she makes a rare U.S. tour -- shut up and sing. Not all members of her audience, who paid up to $250 (134 pounds) for a ticket, have appreciated her politics. During a performance at New York's Madison Square Garden this week, one concertgoer yelled out, asking if the concert was a fundraiser. Streisand replied: "Shut the f*** up!" ()() I couldn't agree more. Actors and singers don't have a right to push their views on people who pay to see them perform, not preach.

Mexico Works to Bar Non-Natives From Jobs

by jasontromm
If Arnold Schwarzenegger had migrated to Mexico instead of the United States, he couldn't be a governor. If Argentina native Sergio Villanueva, firefighter hero of the Sept. 11 attacks, had moved to Tecate instead of New York, he wouldn't have been allowed on the force. Even as Mexico presses the United States to grant unrestricted citizenship to millions of undocumented Mexican migrants, its officials at times calling U.S. policies "xenophobic," Mexico places daunting limitations on anyone born outside its territory. ()()The hypocrisy is stunning!

New Scientist Breaking News - A future with no bananas?

by felixlaumon (via)
有『蕉』就快D 去『食蕉』啦,因為蕉將會絕種…

Poll: Most Americans love Coulter columns!

by jasontromm
President Bush has lost his momentum, Americans' support for the Iraq war is dwindling, and opposition to Bush policies is hardening. That's according to a recent New York Times/CBS News poll being covered as if it were a real news story.

Supreme Court Upholds College Military Recruiting Law

by jasontromm (via)
The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday that colleges that accept federal money must allow military recruiters on campus, despite university objections to the Pentagon's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays.

Power of New Media

by jasontromm
Anyone who needs a reminder of the power and influence of the New Media should take a look at three recent stories that illustrate how Internet news is making a profound difference in our culture.

Army Teaches Troops How to Pick a Spouse

by jasontromm (via)
They are the Pentagon's new "rules of engagement" — the diamond ring kind. U.S. Army chaplains are trying to teach troops how to pick the right spouse, through a program called "How To Avoid Marrying a Jerk."

Media Portray Drug Plan as Boondoggle

by jasontromm (via)
But reporters still ignore free market advocates who predicted it. Media coverage of problems facing the new Medicare prescription drug plan focused on elderly patients left in the lurch by bureaucracy, producing what CBS’s Bill Plante called a “political headache” for the Bush administration. But in the Jan. 16 reports on the “Evening News” and “World News Tonight,” both networks ignored conservative critics who had argued the plan was doomed to fail because it was a typical big government solution that ignored the free market.

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