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Free Gemsweeper game download - New Casual Game!

by mrsnow
Embark on a thrilling puzzle expedition in search of hidden treasure, buried amongst ancient temples, to restore the Mayan civilization of El Dorado!

Gratuit : New Free Self-destructing VIDEO EMAIL

by blasco
Big Brother is Watching Every time that you send an email, copies are stored permanently on multiple email servers as well as the recipient’s inbox and anyone they decide to send it to. Your emails can be stored and scanned in more places than you can imagine. Do you want people storing your email messages forever? Do you want something that you type today to be used against you tomorrow, next week, next month or even in the next decade?


Students keep free speech -- even in school talent show

by jasontromm
A federal court has issued an order that will prevent a New Jersey school from censoring students' Christian musical selections in future talent shows. The Alliance Defense Fund said the order comes down in favor of an elementary school student who, when she was a second-grader in May 2005, had been chosen to participate in the competition, and then picked "Awesome God," made famous by the late singer-songwriter Rich Mullins, to perform. Officials at Frenchtown Elementary School denied her permission, a decision endorsed by the board of education, citing not only the song's religious content but its "proselytizing" nature.

Sites 2 Regg

by kkrizka
A website that synchronizes latest postings from digg and reddit and shows the differences between them. People then can submit missing links to the other news source.

Media Portray Drug Plan as Boondoggle

by jasontromm (via)
But reporters still ignore free market advocates who predicted it. Media coverage of problems facing the new Medicare prescription drug plan focused on elderly patients left in the lurch by bureaucracy, producing what CBS’s Bill Plante called a “political headache” for the Bush administration. But in the Jan. 16 reports on the “Evening News” and “World News Tonight,” both networks ignored conservative critics who had argued the plan was doomed to fail because it was a typical big government solution that ignored the free market.


Oracle Unveils Free Database

by jasontromm (via)
Oracle today announced Oracle(r) Database 10g Express Edition (Oracle Database XE), a free, starter edition of the world's leading database software. A beta version of Oracle Database XE is available for download today. This new edition of Oracle Database 10g offers application developers, database administrators (DBAs) and students a free starter database to develop and deploy their applications. It is also freely available for independent software vendors (ISVs) and hardware vendors to distribute or embed with their applications and products.

Never pay retail

by Somebaudy
Hwo do you read the NYTimes columnists for free ? Just wait for a few days and wait for the syndicated columns to be compiled by John Tabin's Never Pay Retail

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