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November 2007

Das Perzeptron - Einführung in neuronale Netze und KI

by helmeloh
Das Perzeptron ist ein vereinfachtes künstliches neuronales Netz (Frank Rosenblatt 1958). Rosenblatt hat es so einfach realisiert, dass man es mathematisch mit einer dreistufigen Verarbeitung von Matritzen erfassen konnte. Aber auch weil die Parameter de

July 2006

Modeling Neural Development

by YukuanMark
This original and timely collection is one of the first books to study neural development using computational and mathematical modeling. Modeling provides precise and exact ways of expression, which allow us to go beyond the insights that intuitive or com

June 2006

Memory-prediction framework

by YukuanMark
The memory-prediction framework is a theory of brain function that was created by Jeff Hawkins and described in his book On Intelligence. This theory concerns the role of the hippocampus, neocortex, and the thalamus in matching sensory inputs to stored me

November 2005

Edelman's Neural Darwinism

by YukuanBlog
the links of books, review, and project for Edelman's Neural Darwinism

Spiking Neural Network

by YukuanBlog
Spiking Neural Network, SNN 又稱 pulsed neural network 顧名思義,其中的 neuron 著重在模擬生物神經元激發時軸突所傳遞的突波。

[借鏡靈感篇] 腦的一生 [跳脫式參考]

by YukuanBlog
  目前手邊資料不是很充分, Edelman 的文獻也只是提出大方向上的描述, 對實作真正有幫助的細節並未公開...

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