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Wireshark · Go Deep.

by srcmax & 1 other
What's on your network?

Critical-Gaming Network - Blog - Save System Design pt.3

by sylvainulg (via)
Another interesting example of save system design is the Zelda series from A Link To The Past (SNES) onward (except Majora's Mask). In these games, you can pause and save at any time. But you cannot load from within the game.

Ruggedizing Mobile Applications | Mutually Human

by Spone
Improving user experience in unpredictable circumstances.


Social Login - Gigya's Documentation

by Xavier Lacot
Gigya is a social login / users management solution. This guide describes how to interact with social login platforms, and explains the workflow involved in Gigya's way of working


Critical-Gaming Network - Blog - A Crash Course In Innovation

by sylvainulg (via)
If you want to create video games to capture, express, and present your unique ideas then it’s clear that you’ll need some innovation to represent your uniqueness. And because innovation can also to solve problems, it helps us convey our ideas and experiences more effectively.

Critical-Gaming Network - Blog - The Dimensions of Fez

by sylvainulg
"Fez is a great example of a game that subverts core design elements of both platforming and puzzle game design."

Home | diesel

by jdrsantos
The performance of nonblocking I/O meets the convenience of coroutines. Packed with a bunch of useful protocols and a first-class toolkit for concurrency, diesel is the best way to write network applications in Python.

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