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26 July 2006 08:00


by neosho

翻譯by psiage - James Q&A: Belief systems and neo-sciences-WingMakers造翼者衝浪部落-新浪部落

by neosho
James的答覆: Dear Neosho, 謝謝你的真誠的探究。你的問題可以被完全地理解和領會。 在我的答覆裡我將會盡我所能地讓它清楚。 是的,科學,到某種程度,是人類的探索者們之信念系統的一種out-picturing(向外的描述)。我說的探索者們指的是科學家們。因為科學是一種學術的制度,所以它常會鑽入學術文化的洞穴裡,這使得它較不具彈性和有機(less flexible and organic)。作為一種制度,科學也會去保護它的歷史上的立場或基礎。

26 July 2006 07:45

Deepak Chopra -Q&A - Nervous System-WingMakers造翼者衝浪部落-新浪部落

by neosho
Answer: I see the nervous system as the intermediary system between the non-local quantum realm and the physical translation of consciousness into the physical structures of the body. Some leading research in the field of consciousness indicates that the microtubule structure of nerve cells are responsive to quantum effects.

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