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Navflow |

by simon_bricolo & 1 other
navigation testing for your mocks and wireframes. helps analyse how people navigate around your applications and websites.


siteFlow: turn websites into slides | Small labs Inc.

by ycc2106
A browser within your browser. siteFlow is a cross-browser tool that enables you to browse multiple pages (i.e those featuring next/previous buttons, like Google’s search results) and archived web content, faster and with less effort than the usual one-page-at-once browsing. It adds an extra layer of interactivity (literally and figuratively) on top of web pages. Turbocharge your web reading.


by simon_bricolo & 2 others
web-based software application for remote online card sorting


TracNav |

by simon_bricolo
The [[TracNav]] macro implements a fully customizable navigation bar for the Trac wiki engine


iCarousel |

by simon_bricolo & 2 others
carousel open source en javascript qui vous permettra de créer des petites applis qui dérouleront des données dans le même style que certains widgets

Pagebar |

by simon_bricolo & 2 others
Adds a nice page bar for selecting indivual pages instead of just the previous or next page pour Wordpress


SitePoint - Fresh Thinking for Web Developers and Designers

by noelopan & 36 others
Excellent site dédié au Webmastering. Webdesign, langages, promotion et référencement de sites, outils, stratégie de conception de site, problèmes de propriété intellectuelle...


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