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October 2005

National Geographic Magazine - WildCam AFRICA

by gaijin & 4 others
a webcam set up next to a watering hole in africa. one viewer spotted an elephant. very cool.

September 2005

maipo tour

by ryanne
[monday, 05 september 2005] 我 們 的 米 埔 之 旅 ! :)

August 2005

Kauai Page

by bobmorane (via)
E.J. Peiker, Nature Photographer

July 2005

Naturens krafter

by Korak (via)
På National Geographic’s sajt kan du lära dig allt möjligt om tornados, vulkanutbrott, orkaner och jordbävningar. Du får t ex lära dig...

June 2005

Shmuck Events: A Walk in the Woods

by organisciak (via)
A visually enriched description of my first hike of 2005 (and my subsequent return for photos).

Las Aves en la Ria de Noia (Birds in the Ria de Noia)

by smudie
"This page aims to provide the people of Barbanza and the Ría de Noia and Muros, and in particular the inhabitants of Noia, with data about the wonderful biological and in particular ornithological diversity of our Ria"

Science Daily: Australia's Megafauna Coexisted With Humans

by ramage
Humans and "gigantic three tonne wombat-like creatures", amongst others, co-existed for 15,000 years.

May 2005

What's Wilderness Worth? | Outside Online

by ramage
Bruce Barcott: "As a Matter of Fact, Money Does Grow on Trees" - the economic value of wilderness

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Scientists find new Indian monkey

by ramage
make that two! species of monkey unknown to science photographed in India by research team

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | New African monkey discovered

by ramage
The highland mangabey, as it is called, lives in the trees and is thought to be closely related to the baboon family.

nath.photonature, digiscopie

by Monique & 1 other
La digiscopie consiste à coupler un appareil photo numérique avec une longue vue terrestre.

Sentiers Sauvages

by Monique
Des photos de toute nature, représentant Faune, Flore, et paysage.

Aves - Société ornithologique

by Monique
Connaître, faire connaître, protéger, aimer... les oiseaux