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April 2011

Mystere mystere 20091018 Mystery Je me suis tatée . En fais-je où non, une photo mystère Avec leur perspica

by fotopol
Des images en grand format, ici sur le thème de la photo mystère. Sur ce site de nombreuses rubriques présente de nombreuses images de catégories très variées.

EUNIS - Welcome to EUNIS Database

by Spone (via)
EUNIS biodiversity database - find species, habitats and sites across Europe

February 2011

Au rythme des volcans

by fotopol
« Parmi les phénomènes que la nature offre à nos regards, il n’en est de plus grandiose, de plus merveilleux, de plus mystérieux, de plus terrifiant qu’un volcan en activité. Il tremble, gronde, craque, s’éventre, mugit, explose, fume, jaillit, coule… »

December 2010

The truth about snowflakes : The New Yorker

by jeanruaud
In a way, the passage out from Snowflake Bentley to the new snowflake stories is typical of the way our vision of nature has changed over the past century: Bentley, like Audubon, believed in the one fixed image; we believe in truths revealed over time—not what animals or snowflakes are, but how they have altered to become what they are. The sign in Starbucks should read, “Friends are like snowflakes: more different and more beautiful each time you cross their paths in our common descent.” For the final truth about snowflakes is that they become more individual as they fall—that, buffeted by wind and time, they are translated, as if by magic, into ever more strange and complex patterns, until, at last, like us, they touch earth. Then, like us, they melt.

Millennium Images Gallery - Search

by Gladys De Micheli (via)
Wallflower consists of more than 70 images by 20 photographers. These are collectable items in limited editions, but very competitively priced. The theme of the collection is the natural world.

November 2010

La Base du Parc Plein Air nature : structure d'accueil de groupes

by fotopol
La Base de Plein-Air Nature du Parc peut mettre à disposition de ses hôtes, un équipement pédagogique approprié aux activités : mini station météo, centrale photo-voltaïque, mini-ferme, vidéothèque, centre de documentations, espace informatique, télévision, magnétoscope, rétro-projecteur..

OpenEcology | Home

by Spone
OpenEcology (œ) is a community of people developing open source tools anyone can use to generate wealth from nature's abundance.

August 2010

July 2010

Cercles des Naturalistes de Belgique asbl

by fotopol (via)
Cercles des Naturalistes de Belgique ® asbl Société royale Accueil "rendez-vie"

June 2010

An Electronic Field Guide: Plant Exploration and Discovery in the 21st Century

by Spone
To build a digital collection of the Smithsonian's collection of specimens, and provide means to access it with text and photos of plants, using portable computing devices in the field.

May 2010

March 2010

SCNAT - Prix - Prix Schlaefli

by fotopol
Académie des sciences naturelles

by xaad67
Le portail de la biodiversité en Alsace

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