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25 October 2005

Scorpion City\Programming

by nachilau
Contains many links for the UI library for cross platform

24 October 2005

Turing Machines Definition

by nachilau
Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - The definition of the turning machine

23 October 2005 - C++ Guru Of the Week

by nachilau
Guru of the Week is a regular series of C++ programming problems. It is good to read it every week.

21 October 2005

19 October 2005

Code Post - Coding with style

by nachilau & 1 other
CodePost is a website where developers can share and discuss their creations. The website contains usefull code snippets, fun code to laugh at, images from peoples creations, and developer desktops

The GTS Library

by nachilau
GTS stands for the GNU Triangulated Surface Library. It is an Open Source Free Software Library intended to provide a set of useful functions to deal with 3D surfaces meshed with interconnected triangles. The source code is available free of charge under the Free Software LGPL license.

14 October 2005


by nachilau & 1 other
Lossless data compression library

12 October 2005


by nachilau & 3 others
BT Download Client

10 October 2005

Plus bb

by nachilau
Hong Kong BT exhange website

06 October 2005

30 September 2005

Seedler .Org

by nachilau & 8 others
Another Torrent website

27 September 2005

OGRE - Open Source Real Time 3D rendering engine

by nachilau & 6 others
OGRE v1.0 [Azathoth] represents the culmination of 4 years of continuous development, resulting in what is now regarded by many as the leading open source real time 3D rendering engine

Rakkarsoft - Advanced Game Networking Products

by nachilau & 1 other
A free networking API that provides reliable UDP and high level networking constructs on Windows, Linux, and Unix

23 September 2005

Download free icons : :

by nachilau & 43 others (via)
Contains some free web site icon for download

22 September 2005


by nachilau
PathEngine is an AI pathing finding middleware for path finding

21 September 2005

by nachilau & 68 others
A good TorrentZ website

20 September 2005

cplusplus resource

by nachilau & 5 others
Another good C++ reference site

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