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Win To Flash

by nachilau & 1 other
A tool convert a windows CD to a flash drive


NvTriStrip Library

by nachilau
A Tri-Strip lib which convert triangle to triangle strip

Microsoft TechNet SysInternal

by nachilau & 9 others
Contains a lot of useful tool/Utilities for controlling the Windows System

Open Port Scanner

by nachilau
Tool that display the port that the current computer is open

Icon Converter

by nachilau
A free tool that convert any image to an icon


The game

by nachilau
Contains a lot of game development tool information. Mainly work with DarkBasic.

Official Blitz WebSite Tool box link

by nachilau
The official Blitz website which contain a list of tool for game development. However, some of the link is not in english.

Developer Image Exchange

by nachilau
Contains a lot homebrew game developer 3D Engine, tools, program screenshots.

What is that file?

by nachilau
An online application that tell you which process is what

StackWalker from Code Project

by nachilau
Contains a tool to print out the call stack of the program

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