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PSP PMPlayer Advance

by nachilau
PSP Homebrew PMPlayer website


by nachilau
Website talk about IRShell for PSP

Corrupt Saved Game on MHP2G after firmware upgrade

by nachilau
Describe how to save the corrupt save game after PSP custom firmware get upgraded



PSP as Wireless Controller Homebrew application

by nachilau
PSP Homebrew development page for using PSP and a wireless controller

PSP Hacks File Download

by nachilau
The file download site from PSP Hacks

Gp32 Developement SDK

by nachilau
Contains the SDK for a device caled GP32 and GP2X. An very interesting portable gaming device which is open for the Homebrew application. It is also quite powerful.

Locura Personal Media Server for PSP

by nachilau
Contain the Persoanl Media Server for PSP and PC. We can stream music, may be video or something similiar to the PSP and PC using the web browser

Downlaoding PSP Website

by nachilau
Contains the main PSP homebrew download files archive


by nachilau & 7 others
Contains a lot of news about PSP and homebrew community

China PSP update blog

by nachilau
Chinese PSP update blog


by nachilau & 1 other
One of the main website contains many PSP homebrew news

PSP Crazy

by nachilau
Another PSP crack website


by nachilau
Another website that crack PSP

Fanjitas Place

by nachilau & 3 others
The guy who make the EBooter for PSP

PSP Emulation & Gaming News

by nachilau & 4 others
Contains a lot of PSP news and link

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