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Videopian - Upian Source

by srcmax & 4 others

Ceci est la documentation de la classe PHP Videopian, qui permet de récupérer les informations d'une vidéo hébergée sur un service de partage de vidéos à partir de son URL. | In-Depth Tracking, Analytics for Online Video | Web Video Syndication

by keusta & 9 others
TubeMogul is the first online video analytics and distribution company serving publishers large and small who need independent information about video performance on the Internet and automated upload to the Web's top video sharing sites.


by ycc2106 & 9 others is a web-based service that allows users to hold text, voice, and video chats on multiple instant messaging protocols. Currently supported protocols include AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, MySpace, Skype, and Yahoo Messenger. The service is free and requires no user-registration or sign-up.


YouTube - MyHope (original song)

by xibe

How I hope that you forget your MySpace I hope it slips completely from your mind And I hope it stays up long enough for the next generation to find And I hope that it embarrasses your children I hope their bratty friends all forward it around And I hope that you forget your password So you cannot take it down

2007 Download Videos from Youtube

by yaggijah & 1 other
Download and convert (avi,3gp) Videos from Youtube metacafe ifilm cliporn myspace google video etc

Ecrans - Le site du jour : Virb, la relève de MySpace ?

by jerome
« MySpace est mort, vive Virb ? ». Lancé en mars, le nouveau réseau social Virb fait jaser sur le net. Son principal atout ? Il est beau.

SANJAYA Thanks You - YouTube

by SaintJaya (via)
SANJAYA a big Thank You A joy to find this Mohawk. To vote or not to vote, that is the question.

FREE anonymous MySpace unblocked Proxy Ds + FREE Video Download

by ieee1294
Downloading videos directly to your computer from MySpace, YouTube, Google Video etc. Browse the internet using anonymous proxy site / server to hide your information such as identity, physical location etc. Visit =)

Sanjaya Malakar Besame Mucho

by SaintJaya (via)
Sanjaya Malakar Besame Mucho 3D Version, American Idol Top 8, Latin Jennifer Lopez, Shyamali


by SaintJaya (via)
Sanjaya Malakar is a contestant on American Idol. A blog dedicated to Sanjaya and American Idol.

Bush is Committed - Politics & Government Jokes - JibJab

by Gizmoz & 1 other (via)
Joke Originally Submitted by: aasimpy. "I made this over at - took a few minutes, and then I added in the flash bulbs and other audio fx on my own. The joke was from Letterman."

Free YouTube, Flash (FLV) video converter

by webkool
KeepV Flash Converter is onether application to convert flash videos (FLV) to AVI (divx), MOV (MAC), MP4 (IPOD, PSP...), 3GP (Mobile). With this tool you can download and save in your preferable hardware videos from youtube and see it more later. This new tool is faster and better than most transcoders . > l am Lonelygirl15 Hear my Story

by Gizmoz, 1 comment (via)
LonelyGirl15 - the YouTube celebrity tells the truth about herself. If all she did was tell her story... but she includes a threat to sum it up! She's got some nerve!

Controversial Homophobic Snickers Ad Withdrawn in US

by YukihiroKawashi & 1 other, 2 comments
A Snickers commercial that aired during the Super Bowl and featured two car mechanics accidentally kissing has been immediately withdrawn following complaints from several gay rights organisations that labelled it as homophobic

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