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John Battelle's Searchblog: Yahoo's MyBlogLog to Rebrand, Other Changes...

by kuroyagi
At SOBcon yesterday in Chicago, Robyn Tippins, who was recently hired as the MyBlogLog community manager, spoke about several major upcoming changes with MyBlogLog.


by cyberien & 5 others
Explode is a simple way to connect to all your friends regardless of their network!

Comparer les communautés MyBlogLog

by Giraultises & 2 others (via)
SoloSEO est une boite à outils pour MyBlogLog. Il permet de comparer les visiteurs, les contacts et les communautés rattachés à des blogs. Peut-être une façon de découvrir d'autres blogs qui vous intéresseront...

TechCrunch en français » MyBlogLog spammé (et nous avec)

by srcmax

Il a simplement créé un compte MyBlogLog avec une publicité en guise de photo. Il a alors ouvert TechCrunch dans son navigateur Opera et a mis en place un rafraichissement automatique de la page toutes les minutes. Evidemment « l’utilisateur » ne cesse de revenir en haut du pavé MyBlogLog.

Etant donné ce que c’est relativement simple à faire, j’imagine que pas mal seront tentés par cela. Jensen explique qu’il a également tenté l’expérience sur une vingtaine de blogs. Je ne l’avais pas remarqué mais Scott Rafer oui et nous l’a signalé. Il a déclaré qu’il allait bloquer ce genre de comportement momentanément

Bloggers unite! Yahoo! joins forces with MyBlogLog - Yodel Anecdotal

by srcmax & 1 other, 1 comment (via)
You’ve probably heard the rumors and I’m here to confirm that Yahoo! has agreed to acquire the assets of MyBlogLog, and aside from loving the product and the team, we think this move complements Yahoo’s social media and community initiatives perfectly.



by kuroyagi


by lz00zl & 48 others
Where are your readers coming from? Where do they go when they leave your site? These are the core questions that every blogger needs answered in order to take part in the global conversation. MyBlogLog provides you with answers quickly, quietly and efficiently. Our Outgoing Link Tracking shows you which links on your site are most compelling to your readers, enabling you to tune your content and keep readers coming back. Our Real-Time Referrer service keeps track of who's linking to your site and gives you that information now, not tomorrow.

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