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24 June 2012 13:45

Spectromusic : Home

by Emaux
Welcome to the Spectromusic site! It is managed by the Swedish composer Karl Andreas Hedman and it is the home of the Sonova font for notation of sound objects. The theories and practical tools to be presented here combine several of the breakthroughs in music theory made since the 1950s. Some of the major inspirations are Pierre Schaeffer’s classifications of sound objects; Karlheinz Stockhausen’s unification of the pitch, rhythm, and formal time levels; the consonance/dissonance theory developed by Plomp and Levelt, Kameoka and Kuriyagawa, and Sethares; Lasse Thoresen’s symbolic description of musical form and notation of sound objects. The term spectromorphological music was originally coined by Dennis Smalley. The term spectral music was used by the French composers Grisey and Murail. They all in some way stress the role of the spectrum and anatomy of sounds. Understanding the role of the spectrum and shape of sounds in creating structure in music is one very important way of making music using new scales, new rhythms, new forms; integrating new instrumentation practices, recorded and synthesized sounds. For discussions about musical theory and to get answers to any questions about spectromorphological notation please visit the forum.

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