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Charli XCX

by France (via)
Toute l'actualité sur le chanteuse Charli XCX : photos, vidéos, ne manquez aucune nouvelle de votre chanteuse préférée !

Hand Flute

by France (via)
Le « Hand flute » (fait de jouer de la flûte avec ses mains sans instrument) est de plus en plus connu. Découvrez les vidéos des artistes les plus connus dans ce domaine.

I love my 64

by sylvainulg
The Commodore 64 was ahead of all its competitors. This enabled the machine to become the key instrument in pushing the computer age forward. In an age of ever increasing need for more processing power. The mere one megahertz the computer provided has stood the test of time...

October 2015

▶︎ Luftslott EP | Ugress

by sylvainulg (via)
track 1 is the mod of the week

Aurous - Free Music, Whenever, Wherever

by Krome
Enjoy music how you want to for free.

September 2015


by sbrothier
Waveform.js makes drawing SoundCloud waveforms simple and lets you style and color them the way you want it. It comes as a small JavaScript library and is using a lightweight service hosted on that translates the waveform images provided by SoundCloud into floating points.

PULP - A film about Life, Death & Supermarkets

by sbrothier
"I felt that the film was a triumph—moving, funny, sweet, eccentric—and the reaction from the audience, well, it’s the kind of thing that makes you feel like you are smiling with your heart. Two people who I spoke with were moved to tears. How many rock docs can you say that about?"

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