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May 2016

April 2016

Музыка Топ 40 сегодня

by artbooks2013
Скачать новую музыку в mp3

March 2016

Tonejs/Tone.js: A Web Audio framework for making interactive music in the browser.

by Krome
Tone.js is a Web Audio framework for creating interactive music in the browser.

February 2016


by France (via)
Musicalta, rendez-vous incontournable des festivaliers et étudiants du monde entier depuis 1996, vous propose des stages de musique (piano, violon, violoncelle, flûte, ...) et de chant dirigés par des musiciens de renom pour tout musicien souhaitant se perfectionner. Aucun niveau minimum ni audition préalable requis.

Serato Pyro - Your music seamlessly mixed

by sbrothier
Whether you like to plan your playlist ahead of time or switch it up as you go - Pyro gives you as much control as you need to keep the fire burning.

January 2016

OC ReMix #3291: Street Fighter II 'Советский Космонавт' [Zangief (U.S.S.R.)] by Sir_NutS - YouTube

by sylvainulg (via)
C'est pas toutes les semaines qu'on nous met un nouveau remix de SSF2 en mode Euro Space Dance

Soundcloud Visualizer by Michael Bromley

by sbrothier
This is an experiment in using the web audio API together with canvas to make some interesting and cool-looking visualizations. Since this is my first foray into the world of both canvas and web audio, I have slowly iterated over a number of ideas and trials which are all in the /tests folder.

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