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01 January 1970 01:00

INAGE records 【インエイジ】

by kwgt
おもに千葉大学の学生による楽曲を発表するレーベルです. ここで生まれ育った人もそうでない人も, 愛着を持って住んでいる街, 稲毛. そんな, ここ稲毛で育ったテクノキッズの創作するエレクトロミュージックを「イナゲテクノ」と名付け, 幅広い認知を目指しています. keyword:INAGE, techno, house, rock, hip-hop, noise, chiba, university, idol, 4葉, ArtPublicity, CUPO, 音映飲会, 樫田壮一郎, 飯田起弘, CONPUSION, art, club, festival, music

macosxhints - Use the Shift key to select multiple remote speakers in iTunes

by sharifl
a way to play music through my computer speakers and my airport express

lifeblood: bootlegs

by sharifl
have been collecting indigo girls shows2 since the summer of 1989, and have made many of the shows listed below available (for free) to anyone who would like to have them via bittorrents3 at bt.etree.org4. if you have something that is not showing up here, or a better sounding copy of something that is, and would like to trade please e-mail me at underdog@earthlink.net5. thanks very much and enjoy!