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September 2004

August 2004

Grant's Blog: Best line in any ad. Ever.

by smudie
"I'm not allowed to use the computer since I got sued for downloading music."

July 2004

Last.FM - Your personal music network - Personalised online radio station

by gweb & 177 others
[EN] is a personalised online radio station that plays the right music to the right people. Songs spread from listener to listener.

Webjay - Listener Created Radio

by gweb & 28 others
[EN] Listener created playlists of songs on the web : worst remake site of the year

by tehu & 50 others
You are accessing with a browser that is not currently supported. * Hey les gars, on est en 2004...

Jeffrey Veen: MP3 Blogs and wget

by roberto & 4 others
Downloading free, legal music.

June 2004


by roberto
50 cool song parts.

Zappa Quote of the Day

by leech
Frank Zappa Quotes

April 2004

by jasontromm & 20 others
Better than before?

XMMS Cover Viewer

by roberto
XMMS visualization plugin that shows the cover of the album.


by jasontromm
The Rock Opera