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September 2004

Google Search: "index of /mp3"

by roberto
Easy as taking candy from a child.

EvilLyrics - Winamp lyrics search

by jabancroft & 7 others
Works with almost any music player - iTunes, WMP, Winamp, Musicmatch, Foobar, Real, etc.

The '80s Server

by relax
The biggest site dedicated to the pop culture of the 80s, featuring Farwest Trivia, many trivia games plus other great games and content about the 80s.

Banned Music

by relax is a peer-to-peer collaboration that makes it impossible for the major record labels to ban or censor musical works.

August 2004

Grant's Blog: Best line in any ad. Ever.

by smudie
"I'm not allowed to use the computer since I got sued for downloading music."

July 2004

Last.FM - Your personal music network - Personalised online radio station

by gweb & 177 others
[EN] is a personalised online radio station that plays the right music to the right people. Songs spread from listener to listener.

Webjay - Listener Created Radio

by gweb & 28 others
[EN] Listener created playlists of songs on the web : worst remake site of the year

by tehu & 50 others
You are accessing with a browser that is not currently supported. * Hey les gars, on est en 2004...

Jeffrey Veen: MP3 Blogs and wget

by roberto & 4 others
Downloading free, legal music.