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Soundcloud Visualizer by Michael Bromley

by sbrothier
This is an experiment in using the web audio API together with canvas to make some interesting and cool-looking visualizations. Since this is my first foray into the world of both canvas and web audio, I have slowly iterated over a number of ideas and trials which are all in the /tests folder.



by sbrothier
Waveform.js makes drawing SoundCloud waveforms simple and lets you style and color them the way you want it. It comes as a small JavaScript library and is using a lightweight service hosted on that translates the waveform images provided by SoundCloud into floating points.

Introducing Sunny for iPhone & iPad

by sbrothier (via)
Imagine you could sleep, relax, work and meditate on the beach. Would you do it?

Surrounded by sound: how 3D audio hacks your brain | The Verge

by sbrothier
On a crisp afternoon late last year, I made my way to Manhattan’s Upper East Side to meet Edgar Choueiri, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Princeton University. Choueiri also heads the school’s 3D Audio and Applied Acoustics lab, and over the last decade, he has dedicated his time to the development, application, and refinement of binaural recording systems — a century-old method of audio recording that captures lifelike 3D audio in picture-perfect fidelity.


@GreWeb - Beez, WebRTC + Audio API

by sbrothier
Here is Beez, a web real-time audio experiment using smartphones as synthesizer effect controllers. This is our second Web Audio API experiment made in one Hackday at Zenexity. This time, we were much more focused on having the best latency performance: we used the bleeding-edge WebRTC technology, which allows you to link clients in Peer-to-Peer instead of a classical Client-Server architecture. | JavaScript for interactive developers

by sbrothier
A few years ago, I wrote a little ActionScript 3 library called MicRecorder, which allowed you to record the microphone input and export it to a .WAV file. Very simple, but pretty handy. The other day I thought it would be cool to port it to JavaScript. I realized quickly that it is not as easy. In Flash, the SampleDataEvent directly provides the byte stream  PCM samples) from the microphone. With getUserMedia, the Web Audio APIs are required to extract the samples. Note that getUserMedia and Web Audio are not broadly supported yet, but it is coming. Firefox has also landed Web Audio recently, which is great news.

Teoria.js - Music Theory in JavaScript

by sbrothier (via)
Write a chord in the input (try C13b9 or maybe Fsus4maj#11) above and hit enter. You can click and drag your way around the wave function.



by sbrothier
ThreeAudio helps you create music visualizations in Three.js, by exposing audio data in GLSL shaders. It can be used directly with Three.js or as a tQuery plug-in.

Making Audio Reactive Visuals — Airtight Interactive

by sbrothier
There are a few different ways to sync visuals to music: Manual – live controlling visuals with keyboard or midi controls. Sequencing – pre-analyzing the music and scripting an animation as a list of timecoded events. Midi Input –  if you have access to the music’s midi data, this can be a great way to drive visuals. Audio Reactive - code driven visuals that automatically adapt to a live audio input. Here I want to talk about the last method. This can be useful for “Hands Free VJing”, allowing you to sit back and have the visuals automatically sync, or in a video game where you want some part of the visuals to react to the soundtrack.

HTML5 Audio Editor

by sbrothier
Welcome the my HTML 5 Audio Editor. You can edit WAVE, OGG and MP3 files and export them as WAVE. This application uses no extra plugins like Flash or Silverlight, its written in JavaScript and HTML

Sonic Experiences — RjDj

by sbrothier
RjDj’s apps take some people to outer space and others back down to earth.

Web Audio API

by sbrothier (via)
Enjoy this interactive version of Web Audio API.


The Next SoundCloud

by sbrothier & 1 other
A simpler, faster, more social SoundCloud that helps music and audio creators like you share your sounds more easily than ever before.



Audacity: Mac OS X

by sbrothier
Audacity 1.3 Béta est la nouvelle version de développement, pas totalement terminée mais qui sera la base de notre prochaine version "stable". * Contient des douzaines de nouvelles fonctionnalités intéressantes. Très rarement, elles peuvent nécessiter d'être encore améliorées ou ne pas être conservées dans les versions futures. * Parfois, une fonctionnalité peut ne plus fonctionner comme auparavant ou être temporairement désactivées. * Certaines parties du programme ne sont pas encore documentées ou traduites dans toutes les langues.

SoundManager 2: Javascript Sound For The Web

by sbrothier & 13 others
SoundManager 2 makes it easier to play sounds using Javascript. By wrapping and extending the Flash sound API, SoundManager 2 brings solid audio functionality to Javascript.


Auditorium - Index

by sbrothier & 7 others
We are ecstatic to announce the release of Auditorium for the low price of $10.99! The full version is the culmination of over 7 months work resulting in an incredible 70 plus levels spread across 15 acts. You can find more information on the ' buy it now ' page.


Smule: Products

by sbrothier
• Ocarina is the first true musical instrument created for the iPhone. Ocarina is sensitive to your breath, touch and movements, making it even more versatile than the original. • Tired of your same old voice? Seeking a little vocal variety? Get into character with Smule's Sonic Vox, the real-time voice shifter.

Sounds of the Circus - Music from the Golden Age of the American Circus

by sbrothier
The South Shore Circus Concert Band is one of the few bands in the country dedicated to preserving authentic music from the golden age of the American Circus. They have performed numerous times with the Big Apple Circus both in New York City at the world famous Lincoln Center and Boston. They have also played for Sells and Gray Circus, Clyde Beatty, Ed Migleys Shrine, Hanneford and Carson and Barnes Circus.

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