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24 May 2007

VisualMusic - L'autre Webzine Rock !

by Krome
Les Arctic Monkeys en session accoustique le temps de trois titres pour une radio US

19 May 2007

webtv & webradio de musique rock independante : mp3, video, telechargement — Grosse Caisse

by vodkacoca
grosse-caisse est un lieu consacré à la musique rock indie electro pop, où se croisent musiciens, créateurs audio-visuels et anonymes, qui cherchent à faire partager leurs réalisations auprès du public Internet.

18 May 2007

Jazz Rock World Fusion Radio Station Weekly Top 20 5-18-07

by LatchMusic (via)
Weekly Jazz Rock World Fusion Streaming Latch Music Radio Top 20 ending 5-18-07. Voted on by the people who listen to Latch Music Radio.

16 May 2007

08 May 2007

New single for The The!

by Elvezio
Great singer Matt Johnson make a brilliant return on the musical scene with a new single, available on his website for a free 1 minute long listening! (IT>ENG by Google)

26 April 2007

The white stripes

by Krome & 1 other
1er titre de "icky thump"

25 April 2007

16 April 2007

Fuzz :: Maureen

by dustface
I used to be in a band called Babes in Toyland--almost exactly ten years after I left the band I started working for Fuzz. I was introduced to one of the founders through my brother who worked with him at Google. I have been doing a lot of thinking about what artists need--I always have, and now it's part of my job. I think that artists need to make a living doing what they love—not sacrifice so severely to be able to create—and in some cases stall their ability to be prolific. Artists live in possibility, but they can not live on it.

13 April 2007

12 April 2007

Preying Lizard's Pirate Radio Hard Rock Showcase

by preyinglizard (via)
It's now your choice! You can stream the Pirate Radio Shows with the links below or you can simply go to the Podcast Page at Preying Lizard Music and select your favorite show and listen to it or download it for your Ipod there. My main reason for leaving the streams here for the weekly Pirate Radio Rock shows is to give people on dial-up a way of hearing the great Indie artists played on the weekly Pirate Radio Shows. If it wasn't for that I would just strictly be podcasting the Pirate Radio shows each week along with the other weekly rock podcasts, The Chill Pill ,The Hot Sheet Mon Show, Instrumental Madness and the Road Rash Blues Podcast! If you have a cell phone that supports mp3 downloading of podcast shows then you'll want to go to the Podcast Page to check out the Mobilize service and it's free! Just click on the Mobilize graphic, put in your cell phone number, and select which Preying Lizard Music podcast rock show you want to download. Within two minutes you'll have it on your phone to take on the go and play for your friends and co-workers! Now it's even easier with the addition of the great Blast Players for each channel!

The Hot Sheet Mon Show

by preyinglizard
Welcome to the Hot Sheet Mon show! This is the Hard Rock Podcast brought to you by Preying Lizard Music and hosted by Les Lewellyn. It's the number one Hard Rock Indie Podcast online and the reason will be obvious to you once you listen. The show is hosted by Les Lewellyn and like all of the shows the songs are handpicked from hundreds of submissions. The show is a mix of hard rock, metal, alternative, punk, grunge and Classic Rock to name a few genres. Great bands and solo artists are featured each week and the playlists are fresh and exciting. As you become more familiar with the show you'll find that like old FM and Pirate Radio shows from the sixties and early seventies create the mold for the show. Album cuts instead of hit singles grace the podcast's being. If you dig hard rock you'll want to subscribe to this show and it's as easy as clicking on the Blast Player below and after it launches you can subscribe. I hope you enjoy the bands and artists and just click on their names on the playlist below to visit their sites. If you do take time to email them let them know you heard them on Preying Lizard's Hot Sheet Mon Show! I'd totally appreciate it.

11 April 2007

we want rock'n'roll - rock et création artistique à lelabo, le Nouveau Casino et agnès b. activités

by vodkacoca
WE WANT ROCK’N’ROLL : Titre d’un nouveau festival parisien organisé par lelabo, une maison de production indépendante dédiée aux arts de la scène. Attentive aux interactions qui existent entre rock et création artistique, cette première édition réunit des personnalités issues de multiples horizons (danse, performance, littérature, musique contemporaine, théâtre...).

06 April 2007

Even, le groupe (Even the band)

by lagoon
Site du groupe ambiance rock Even. Son original, style propre et ambiance unique pour ce petit groupe qui monte! -- ambient rock band Even's web site. Original sound, own style and unik ambient for this little band that grows up!

05 April 2007

31 March 2007

28 March 2007

Guillaume Vincent - French pop / Rock / Folk Rock

by carobee
Guillaume Vincent est un vieil auteur-compositeur-intreprète de la relève d’au moins 28 ans. Influences : Mano Solo, Ben Harper, Violent Femmes, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Gianmaria Testa, Geoges Brassens, Mickael jackson, Ray Charles, Tom waits, Tracy Chapman, Grand Corps Malade, Camille, Alain bashung

25 March 2007

Grinderman and Apostle of Hustle

by Elvezio
Review about the latest works of these bands and some others...