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Smutshake Cupcake: Japanese

by sbrothier
Groovy soundz with a sexy feeling... but not only !

The Quomma: BACK BEAT: Asian Fetish

by sbrothier
pril 18th of this year was the first Record Store Day. During its promotion and celebration, among the many quips and quotes I heard in support of buying records, the most repeated was country singer Shelby Lynne's "You can't roll a joint on an i-pod." But my favorite was by Jack White of The White Stripes who praised "music you can hold in your hands." The holding is even better, of course, when the package is as cool as the tunes. And, for collectors, the pleasure is often intensified by the rarity of the object, as well as its overlooked cultural value. Which is why I'd like to praise some of the lost treasures recently unearthed and re-issued in Japan, especially the Oriental Erotic Sunshine series by Tokyo based Tiliqua Records, a series of one-time limited CD pressing re-releases of erotic Japanese LPs from the sixties and seventies which I highly recommend you try to get a hold of. Housed in mini-LP gatefold sleeves adorned with the original artwork and including extensive liner notes, you'll want these beauties in your paws and not just in your i-pod.

WILDCAT FURY: Japanese pop cinema

by sbrothier
Solid Records & Ultra Vybe continuent d'exhumer les enregistrements rares du cinéma japonais pop des années 70 avec une régularité qui force au respect. Les trois derniers titres en date, sortis il y a quelques mois dans la collection "Hot Wax & Trax : Composer Series" proposent un nouveau florilège de grooves jazz funk mâtinés de flûtes traversières envoûtantes, de guitares déchaînées et de gros beats infectieux empruntés à nombre de films de délinquence juvéniles de l'époque mettant en vedette de jeunes espoirs de la NIKKATSU comme YOSHIO HARADA ou MEIKO KAJI. Au nombre des soundtracks présentés ici on retrouve la musique de l'épisode SEX HUNTER de la saga STRAY CAT ROCK et de sept autres films plus obscurs incluant SAKARIBA JINGI, HANGYAKU NO TABI, KOROSU MADE OE SHINJUKU 25 et SHINJUKU NO ONNA.


by sbrothier
Musica,Letteratura e Cinema dal paese del Sol Levante


The Very Best of Japanese Music |

by sbrothier (via), The Best Of Japanese Music (enka, folk, kayokyoku, rock) ! Probably better than crack !



lost in a moment on Vimeo

by sbrothier
one take impromptu film made in Tokyo by Dennis Wheatley and Stefan McClean. We were sitting in this sushi bar pondering how best to set up a camera to film things all by itself whilst we were in Tokyo. Take our hands out of the equation... let the camera have its own journey. I'd taken a cannibalised record turntable with me from the UK with the idea of filming slow panoramas but it was painfully bumpy and stopped every minute. Then we had our eureka moment and filmed this. A few years later I was working on a piece of music and married the two together. The music is all about that feeling when you're half asleep in the sun.. the ambiance of foreign voices becomes a lullaby to dream away.

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