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Exclusive First Listen: The White Stripes Live : NPR

by Krome

Exclusive First Listen: The White Stripes Live


Beirut : la Black Session (2007)

by rickydrier
This session was recorded around November of 2007. It was broadcast by radio station Frnace Inter. The session features covers of Jacques Brel's 'Le Moribond', Kocani Orkestar's 'Siki Siki Baba' and Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah', which I have only found before in a really bad quality recording. If you haven't listened to Zach Condon's albums you should. You can download the whole session at the bottom and preview a few of the tracks.


by mbertier & 1 other (via)
bringing the world fine electronic music, chiptune music, and experimental sounds creating visuals using experimentation, sub-standard programs, and inovative editing methods advancing the stature of electronic instruments through creativity and live applications defying conventional methods of music making and moving towards the future organizing cost effective events that showcase the talents of our members and friends providing quality cost effective entertainment and innovative premium merchandise bringing new undiscovered acts recognition and visibility in a new and growing art / music scene

YouTube - boyinstatic's Channel

by oqdbpo
Boy In Static is Boston's Alexander Chen, a self-taught musician, singer/songwriter and graphic artist. Beginning his recording career with a three-song demo and a game of email tag with the Notwist's Alien Transistor label, Boy In Static's first album, Newborn, was released in 2005 after the two sides finally met at a Boston area concert. An amply proficient musician, Chen is able to play numerous instruments as well as arrange the live recordings he produces with a tight-knit group of musical collaborators. With a sound that ranges from the wall-of-sound aesthetic of Creation's heyday to the electronic pop of Morr Music, Boy In Static's music finds a comfortable balance between processed sounds and timeless songwriting.

Scott Robbin

by springnet is a side-project that I worked on with friend and Humanized co-worker, Aza Raskin. Songza lets you search for a song that's stuck in your head, play it, and even share with your friends.

Pitchfork: Why? Reveal New Album Details

by oqdbpo
Anticon genre-skippers (and aren't they all?) Why? have unveiled the tracklist of Alopecia, their third album and also the source of recent single "The Hollows". Alopecia apparently showcases a pretty wide range of influences, and its songs were recorded mostly sampler-free as a live band. In addition to songwriter Yoni Wolf, Josiah Wolf, and Doug McDiarmid, that band has expanded to include Fog members Andrew Broder and Mark "Bear" Erickson. Anticon will release Alopecia on March 11, with a European release on Tomlab to follow. Why? have two shows scheduled soon, one in San Francisco on January 12 and another in L.A. three days later.

YouTube - Explosions In The Sky

by oqdbpo
Explosions in the Sky live at Reckless Records. Setlist: Yasmin The light Once more to the afterlife Greet Death

Radiohead's Scotch_Mist // Current

by Tetsuo6995 & 1 other
Un live complet de Radiohead. Tres sympa a voir. On se rend bien compte que radiohead est un groupe unique et tourné vers l'avenir.


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